A confidential consultation will provide person-to-person guidance to target your individual needs. This can be accomplished via an in-person or telephone consultation.  

During our visit, we will address your specific issues, your personal wellness, and what you would like assistance with for your optimal well-being. We will then, together, develop a plan of action for your journey for better overall balance and wellness. This will be accomplished by discussing your personal needs and current situation. Once we have determined the areas you feel you could benefit the most from, we will take a step by step approach to reach the best outcome for you.

Every individual has their own sense of smell with a definite range of aromas preferred. Aromas can trigger memories that are good as well as unpleasant. It is important to find aromas you personally enjoy.  For in-person consultations, you will be able to smell a number of essential oils to give a better understanding of those you prefer. The actual chemical constituents of the oils play an important role in developing your personal essential oil blend. In certain circumstances, the essential oils used will outweigh the aroma but the results should deliver a more complete state of comfort.

The next step is to develop a custom blend that takes your needs and preferences into consideration. This is something you can’t just run to your favorite store and pick-up.

Safety is always first.

Your consultation will include a blend of essential oils/carrier oils which are custom blended for you. Once the consultation is concluded, your personal blend will be prepared for you. The custom blend can be picked up (in most cases) the following day or in some situations shipped to you.

To start the process, select the consultation service that is right for you.

Consultations start at $65.

  • Located in the Tampa Bay area - in-person consultations provided to local residents only.
  • Telephone consultations are available to anyone.

Disclaimer: These recommendations do not prescribe, diagnose, or make any claims to heal or cure.